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Originally Posted by Sangfroid
I met Dave in New Holland a few minutes after you left, and we had lunch at The White Cottage in town. OK food, excellent peanut butter pie. Another ADV rider showed up as we finished the pie.

Great lunching, Bean. Given what the creamed peas tasted like, I'd hate to have had the mixed greens. And that's Jeff, aka - is it Biffster? Long time lurker, infrequent poster. You're going to have to post now with your correct screen name.

I met Byron in some little town south of 71 on my way down. I guessed I wasn't going to be the first there, but hey, it's all about the pie - Peanut butter chocolate in this case.

I thought about taking a cellphone shot and sending it to someone to post for me, ahead of Byron - as a joke only. Maybe that should be a rule? The person tagging has to post their own pic? Just thinking out loud here.

Nice day for a ride. If the Adventure Pup didn't have his heart set on some tennis ball throwing, I'd head out for the next tag.


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