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FWIW, i like the looks of Ganshert's (SP?) fairing that he did made one of... pix are on here somewhere. looks kinda like a KTM 640 ADV fairing.

the factory headlight on the '87 to '07 KLR is 20+ year old tech... much better reflectors seem to be available in either round or rectangular shapes.

the yellow/green paint on the faring above only seems to heighten the froglike apearance IMHO. and the combination of square and round lenses is, umm really bad.

now... i understand that keeping the factory subframe and headlight is the simplest answer to the problem, but i've gotta say that the KLRs with either the Buell or Ruckus headlights look sooooo much better.

well, that's just my opinion, however, i have been working in the graphic design/visual arts arena for over twenty years... so i know a little about visual appeal and industrial design.

not telling you what to make... only telling you what i'm looking for, which could translate to what i'd buy, IF it were available.

the Simpson Detour fairing looks good, but a bit bulky. someone posted pix of one of the Honda rally bike fairings with twin round headlights, looked good, but a bit low. seems next to impossible to find one of those tho.

the idea of the adjustable height is good, but i'd rather see the front be smooth, with the knobs on the back or sides.

a space for a white LED "city light" would be nice too.
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