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Originally Posted by Ian B
I think it's easy to stray away from the original objectives here. The XS was produced to improve several issues that have been regarded by many as important to the way they wish to use their KLR.

Firstly, many seem to add a large screen to make highway travel more comfortable. This rarely works, instead it increases the buffeting, gets in the way off road, increases instability and I'm sure no one added it for looks!!
From the reports back from the 60+ KLR owners that have one, the XS solves all of this and more.
Secondly, many seem to like to add numerous gadgets (in particular GPS's) to their bikes and find themselves stuck with strapping things on the handlebars etc. The XS solves all of this with a proper dash enabling all instruments to be where they should be - up in front of you.

Lastly, many find the instability issues uncomfortable (the famous fender waggle). The XS tracks like an arrow at whatever speed the engine will take you to.
+1 I love mine

Here is what my dash use to look like

This has been a awesome improvement to my klr. If you rarely do over 65 or pass semis or drive in unstable air. Then you may not see the big benefits of it. I will put on 15-20 thousand miles a year on mine and ride interstate, trails and everything in between. This has been a great mod for me. With the stock fairing I lived with the front end woble at speed not that big of a deal, until passing a semi on the interstate the dirty air threw the bike into a tank slapper. That wasn't any fun and bothered me enough that I was cautious when passing large Trucks that move a lot of air. With this fairing that isn't a problem.
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