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If you are on a mac, I highly recommend a little $15 shareware browser called Omniweb. It's really configurable, and you can teach it to memorize any form box like a search field. It uses the URL bar for simplicity. So I've taught it many searches like:

g ktm <--search google for 'ktm'
ups 1Z3478234798234 <--track ups package 1Z...
fedex 12368123123 <--track fedex package 123...
adv 205 mph <--search all of advrider for '205' and 'mph' using google
advoc "water pump" <-- search advrider's "orange crush" forum for "water pump" using the vBulletin search.

I haven't figured out how to search with google but limit to one forum, short of using the forum's name as a search term. That works reasonably well for "orange crush" (someone in gspot is disparaging the OC forum.) But "thumpers" and "beasts" are more general terms.

If anyone wants some more detail on Omniweb, there website is:

or PM me.


BTW, did you know google is great for conversions and calculations? Try googling (without quotes) "123.99 CAD to USD" "23 newton meter to foot pound" "sqrt(23)/99" or "pi"
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