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Originally Posted by johnwesley
+1 I love mine

Here is what my dash use to look like

This has been a awesome improvement to my klr. If you rarely do over 65 or pass semis or drive in unstable air. Then you may not see the big benefits of it. I will put on 15-20 thousand miles a year on mine and ride interstate, trails and everything in between. This has been a great mod for me. With the stock fairing I lived with the front end woble at speed not that big of a deal, until passing a semi on the interstate the dirty air threw the bike into a tank slapper. That wasn't any fun and bothered me enough that I was cautious when passing large Trucks that move a lot of air. With this fairing that isn't a problem.
Looks like your useing a double windshield here?
I like it . looks like you could confinger it to fit the need.
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