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The trip home was to say the least interesting. I went the route you and I talked about, thru Sugar Creek into Arvilla, and down Mt. Carmel. The roads weren't to bad, a lot of water and and some mud. I was feeling pretty good about myself, so I decided to speed up and blast thru some water. You know how it is. Anyway about a mile and a half before I droped down onto Middle Island Creek I come around a turn and there, parked in the middle of the road taking a piss is a couple of guys. at least pull the freaking truck of to the side of the road. Just barley got stoped without laying it down. Once I pryed my seat out of my ass, took a couple deep breaths and recited the lords prayer. I was good to go. I thought. Anyway, it seemed as though ever turn I came around there was some form of wildlife that had a death wish. Deer (by the dozen's), cats, and one very large dog who thought he wanted to have some TKC 80 for dinner. Instead all the mut got was a mouth full of gravel

All I can say is I learned a few lesson's tonight. Deer are the dumbest animals in WV, drunks dont care were the piss, and dogs dont like gravel in their teeth. I cant complain to much though, after all I did get to ride.
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