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Originally Posted by Hoder
I can only speak for myself but I'd prefer an easily removable frame mounted version. I'm in the process of putting a frame mounted KTM 950 fairing on my 610 as we speak. I think if someone wants to add the weight of a roadbook, etc. it's better to stick it to the frame than wear on the arms. What are you thinking for an attachment to the steering tube? I've got a prototype mounting bracket out for quote but the prices are making me think cheap steel weld-on vs expensive machined aluminum.
Jeez, if I'd have seen this thread earlier maybe I wouldn't have spent all that dough
Yeah, there's more to doing all this than appears at first. Coincidently, I had a 950 and thought about trying the fairing on my 610 (before starting the KLR project last year), and came up against the frame attachment issue. From a manufacturing point, it's key to try and identify what sort of riding the fairing is for, so that the right functional features can be built in.

I agree, if you need the full compliment of Rally instrumentation and the use is going to be hard, then you've got to go frame mounted, in which case the fairing becomes frame mounted as well.

Our experimentation on my 610 will start with 'how far can we go' with a steering mounted unit that provides lights, some highway wind protection and at least enough instrument room for the GPS up front. We will be aiming at the Dual sport/ recreational use, not hardcore racing - leave that to others. If we can't achieve that on the steering without it being cumbersome, we'll concentrate on frame mounting a smaller unit than the KLR.

We decided that to create a 'brand', all of our units will incorporate 'real' improvements in the 3 key areas of variable (or removable) wind protection, GPS accomodation on the instrument panel and good lighting aimed purely at recreational dualsporting. It took months of testing to 'get it right' with the XS (it's a tough job, but someones got to do it etc............!) and we're anticipating many 'challenges' on the Husky,KTM conversions as well.

I think your idea of the 950 fairing on the TE is great and if you're doing it just for yourself, I would use whatever metal mounting medium that you find easiest to work with and go from there.

Cheers Ian
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