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asymmetric threewheeled camping trailer?

Not quite in THAT league but I've been playing around with the idea of an asymmetric threewheeled camping trailer.

I have a lightweight 8x4 flatbed trailer that places five-eights of its weight forward of the axle. To prevent that weight fraction from being carried on the rear of the outfit, I've considered making an asymmetric drawbar connected to a "third wheel" that sits outboard of the tug's rear wheel. This extra wheel, being co-axial with the outfit's rear, needs no turning ability . . . just suspension equal to the task of carrying some of the weight of the trailer.

The asymmetric drawbar then pivots off this fixed wheel, like a fifth-wheeler type. By placing this draw position outboard of the tug's rear wheel, the mass of the trailer tends to partially counteract the mass of the sidecar during acceleration and de-celeration.

My thoughts are that packed items on the trailer, in this case, should be located roughly one-third inboard from the trailer main-wheel running behind that asymmetric drawbar wheel.

If you're wondering what this asymmetric trailer looks like . . . well, it resembles the wheel-layout of the outfit towing it. The "third wheel" sits where an outboard pannier would go, so that its no further outward.
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