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Laugh Great Thread !!!!

Hey everyone ....... I jsut wanted to pipe in my .02 cents. This is a great idea for the technical side of the Fant .....

I'm a relatively new Fant owner, from last year .... I have a 94 e900 which I'm going to be working on at some point this year. Right now I'm finishing up on my 96 steamer. As I upgrade my bike, including a custom paint job that I'm spec-ing out , I'll be sure to post pics.

Motobeuno - I see yer in my neck of the woods, per se. I'm in Eugene, where abouts are you and your wife located at? The three of us should hook up and ride sometime ...... It's also good to know someone "local" that has done work to their bike already ..... I'm sure I'll be tapping your brain, as well as others on this thread, in the future.

Anyhow, here's a pic of what my Fant currently looks like.

Take it easy everyone and ride safe!
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