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Originally Posted by cjracer
thanks guys.

Next up was the dash.

I use a Garmin 60cx GPS 90% of the time I'm on the bike. This setup has not failed me yet and is plenty stable for off road use, but I was getting sick the Garmin cigarette power outlet wiggling out of the power socket. I bought a cheap cigarette lighter power plug off ebay for about $8 shipped and wired that in. Now I still have the Garmin power cord for the truck and this one can stay on the bike all the time. I like having the full size power plug for charging MP3 players, Cell phones and using my tire pump when needed, so that stays. Both plugs are wired to the all time 10Amp fused power leads under the dash and routed behind the headlight. I drilled a hole in the base of the Ram mount and threaded the power cord through that.

The oval plug is for my heated gear and battery charger.

So why did that one come out small like I wanted? Hmmm..
where did you get the dashmount SAE(oval) plug??

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