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Originally Posted by vortexau
On that tent theme --
(Step 1) Build a fold-out floor that's the right size assembled and has corner-supports.
(Step 2) Open out your 30sec Oztent on top and secure!

The award winning Australian designed OZTENT was released in 1993 and is now considered by many as the best touring tent on the market today. It is easily erected by one person in less than 30 seconds.

The design - The OZTENT has a patented internal hinged aluminium frame which is at the heart of its revolutionary design. This allows for effortless erection and packing away. The frame is connected to the canvas and does not require assembly or disassembly. You just unfold it for erection and fold it for packing away. It's that simple.

The OZTENT is just perfect with 4WD's but it works equally well with camper trailers. It provides you with instant extra room with a minimum of fuss and the large attached awning gives you a great shaded area to cook or sit and enjoy the great outdoors. Now with the optional Awning Side Panels and the new optional Screen Room, the OZTENT is the complete tent for all your camping needs.

Easy Family Camping - The OZTENT also provides easy family camping. Due to its modular design you can add two or more tents together side by side or awning to awning. This is significantly easier to set up than a big two room family tent and means parents can have their own room separate from the children.

"This allows for effortless erection and packing away."

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