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Just a short one...

Downtown Moab... gonna be a great day

Five minutes outside downtown Moab... some guys have all the luck.

Tuesday October 15th

The sun is shining at 7:30am and the sky is completely clear, the wind chill is 30 degrees. Once again I wait for it to warm up a bit and Silver and I take off at 10 am.

The sun causes the red canyon walls that surround Moab to glow like embers from a fire. I see a sign outside one of the many bike/camp stores in town that reads "Free Filtered Water."

I'm constantly thirsty now. All the pamphlets in town stress the need to consume massive amounts of water. I have noticed that there is no dew on Silver in the crisp morning air, man its dry here.

I enter the shop and am pleasantly surprised to hear Pink Floyd. Everywhere I've been since Chicago has played country music (save that one bar in Cheyenne where I danced to a swing band, yup, that's right, swinging in Cheyenne).

I fill my empty bottles and hit the road.

Today's plan; check out The Arches NHM then North on 191 to Salt Lake.

I'm at the entrance to Arches National Park and find myself 40 cars away from the entrance, 5 minutes and one car length closer to the ranger station; I decide that I don't need to see the Arches that badly; they are easily viewable on very license plate in the state.

North on 191, the road is open, hilly and the scenery is similar to what I saw coming in. I cross I70 and continue on to Helper/Price Utah.

I stop in West Price for gas and lunch and check out a Western Outfitter shop in search of a replacement for my black deerskin gloves, now not much more than a memory.

The young ladies are flirtatious and helpful (in that order) and I find a pair of deerskin gloves in tan (perhaps this color will be better in the rain) for only 12 bucks. The 2 girls hint that I should hang out in Price for a while.

The exact quote was "The girls in this town are very friendly."

Am I in Mormon Land? Yes they say, but when Brigham Young came to Salt Lake, Price is where the naughty people moved too. Well I'll be damned, and according to B.Y., so will they... wink.

As I am leaving the shop, they ask me if I am taking 191 over "The Pass." When I respond yes, they warn me to be careful. 'I've lost 4 friends on that road in the last 2 years. Oh, and it might be snowing."


"The Pass" is treacherously twisty and I can see why some call it dangerous but Silver and I get through with out any difficulty whatsoever (and not a hint of snow).

191 leads me to 6 and onto I15 North and this highway really moves. 6 lanes plus an HOV (7 total) and I'm cruising at 80/85 in the 5th lane from the right. I notice that I am the ONLY vehicle in this lane and decide that this must be the "Go Directly to Jail Lane." (I find out from Mike later that I'm right)

I meet Mike at his place of business, a rock climbing facility and the reunion is sweet and long overdue.

Okay, let's call this a wrap... More adventures to come and I once again wish you all the best of health and happiness!

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