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Ok, got that figured out. Now- weekend or weekday?

I'm working normal-people hours through the 18th. Got my CWP class Saturday, working this Sunday, other than that, I'm good for just about any time.

Post your preferences, folks. I'm thinking we should give folks a week's notice at least. Not sure how folks' weekends look, I imagine this lot will have trips and such planned. So- Wednesday night, the 9th of April sound good?

If so, where? Breck's was mentioned, Brazillian steakhouse, mexican, barbeque- what's for dinner, guys?

Or, do we want a local chain like Wild Wing? Let me know so I can get an idea of the headcount and call and verify it's cool with the venue.

If you know any local riders or folks who're not averse to a ride for dinner and friendship, PM, call, or email 'em. I'll crosspost this on Cornerjunkies (SHAKE THE TICKETS!!! ) and tell some guys I work with about it.
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