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Laugh TE510 - Would I do it again - absobloodylutely

Originally Posted by TimberlineAdventure

Thanks for the comments... Would you do the 510 again, or opt for the 610? I have heard from the 610 thread that the tranny is one of the best tranny's of any bike every made. Also heard that the 510 needs much more wrenching. It is a difficult decision for me as I like the most H.P. I can get under my legs. I had a M800 Dark, tweaked and sold it when my kids were born as I couldn't resist turning the throttle toooooo much. Plus, there is nothing better than gettig to a place here in Maine where other people cant get to on.... If I chose to have only one bike, it would be an Enduro, and certainly Husky seems to be the machine. I am 38, three torn discs in my back, and this is why I am going to get a new machine and put the XT's in the garage as eye candy. Have a great day !!
I would not hesitate in buying another does everything on the dirt you could ever ask for. It is mild manner until you twist it and then HANG ON! It is reasonably mild mannered for such a powerful bike. The tranny on the 510 works a treat but the gearing isn't road friendly. Mine is tolerable with the 15/45 gearing but what the heck....this thing is the best hooligan bike when you get on the's great!! Very hard to keep yourself well behaved!

Whilst TE510's need more wrenching than a 610...the valve checking couldn't be easier (and mine haven't changed!). All maintenance like filter/oil changes, aircleaner servicing etc is a breeze.

Build and material quality is top class too....I'm definitely happy to give Husky's and TE510s my full endorsement.

Hope this helps
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