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Kudos to Ajijic
Day 7. Friday Mar 15. Ride to Ajijic (say Ah-hee-HEECK), Lake Chapala, 40 miles.

I studied maps upon waking and thru the morning. I'm so close to the Pacific coast I can taste the sea salt. Puerto Vallarta, Barra de Navidad. Do I dare? After map study I evaluate the oil tank supports, another one has broken but I make it OK.

Leave motel, fool around in Tlaquepaque. Breakfast in the market. Shoot photos.

Tlaquepaque, outside the market

About 6 square blocks of pedestrian only streets, Tlaquepaque


Find high speed internet and disappear for 2.5 hours. Back outside the place has become inundated with tourists. Day trippers from Guadalajara. Time to go.

Day 7, Short blast down to Ajijic on Lake Chapala

Short blast down to Lake Chapala. The hard part was trying to get out of Guadalajara. And then Ajijic, I park in front of the police station. And....

Ahhh.... Oh yeah. This is why I came. The town is so tranquil, the sense of well being is immediate. Laid back. Lots of Americans and Canadians but the locals have no hostility. They must bring in the bucks and the locals know it. Whatever. Everyone seems to get along. No hurries here. Suddenly my trip seems very short.

Ajijic police station

Chapel on the square

Ex-pat hangout on the square in Ajijic. I'll admit, I didn't go into this place. Local places were more fun.

Mexican electrical engineering, Ajijic

All this, and.... real coffee houses too

Now all I've read about Lake Chapala is that the water level is down, no it's fluctuating. The water is polluted with fertilizers. Well, I walked down to the shore of Lake Chapala, and let me go on record as saying, it is beautiful.

On the shores of Lake Chapala

Watched an amazing sunset.

The colors just kept coming long after the sun had disappeared behind the distant hills.

I was so full of peace. I returned to the plaza in stunned silence. Last night, coming in off the road into Guadalajara in the dark, burnt, rattled, overwhelmed, was the low point of the trip. No doubt.

At last I've found my groove. At last I feel in sync. Ajijic, regardless of what you read about the gringos taking it over, real estate prices, yada-yada-yada, has earned 4 stars in Otto's book. And I'm pretty picky. Kudos to Ajijic.

Stayed at Ajijic Hotel, right on the plaza. My room is right next to a little fountain pool with running water. No AC here, they just leave their windows open. $40.

My suite, Ajijic Hotel, $40 and I don't care

Hotel Ajijic, the next morning

Unpretentious Hotel Ajijic, right on the main square

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