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Originally Posted by jkam
I've never owned an airhead so I'm speaking from no experience,
Well, I've owned several...
I'd upgrade the suspension: Ohlins in the rear and Progressive fork springs.
Anything's better than stock. PS springs help up front, but only some--certainly, on that lardass PD you'll need'em.

I'd upgrade the front brake: Harrison 6 pot and associated items.
Unless you race or weigh 300 lbs, the stock Brembo is fine, especially off pavement. Skinny front tire limits braking more than the brake. The master cyl sucks worse than the caliper.

I'd upgrade the electrics: Omega system or whatever is best.
Don't know about Omega. Motorrad Elektrik has rewound rotors that last. More capacity is just gonna uncover the next weakness. Whose idea was it to put a board fulla diodes inside the engine cover?

I'd upgrade the shaft: Rebuildable with zirks.
You really gonna ever grease that? Lots of alternatives. Bruno. Factory.

I'd upgrade the lighting. maybe HID
A 55/100w H4 will work. Far better than stock, though that's faint praise. HID certainly seems to be the latest/greatest. Especially for the lame-ass airhead charging system.

I'd upgrade to Jesse luggage
Never used Jesses. Would love to, I'm sure. I've met the man, seemed a good fella, the kind you'd like to have make yer luggage.

Tons of little things to do, to make maintenance convenient, to fix little vulnerabilities. But mostly, stock is best. Stock is always best, except when it's not. Ya really can't change a GS much in big ways; just lots of little stuff. After ten years, I realized the stuff that really bugged me about were big things, things that meant building a custom bike to change. So I sold it.

Oh, and it took reading Ricky's essays here to realize that the bars SUCK. Wait, the pegs suck, too, get metal ones. Big diff.

Have fun.
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