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Originally Posted by Zecatfish
Handgaurds are universal. I get mine from Rockymount the d-flex's, they're tough as nails. Aluminum mount, heavy plastic deflector.

I'm tryin to find out what bend the XT bars are, I'd like to go with an aluminum bar.
I really like the pro-tapers on my ATK's they're nearly impossible to bend.
Ok, so I bought some Cycra hand guards today at Cycle Gear for around $70. The instructions suck and have almost no diagrams to install them. I figured "easy enough" and started to mount them.

I cut the rubber off the end of my handlebars only to realize that the handlebar ends are sealed. Looking at the equipment that came with the handguards, even if I was to drill a hold in the solid piece at the end of the bars, there is no way to mount these. So, buyer beware. I wouldn't go with Cycra.

How does everyone else get around the fact that the handlebars are solid at the ends when they mount their handguards?
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