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Originally Posted by kewlcat
Looks good Ian, any tips on how to attempt some thing like this for myself?
It's a lot of work to do a nicely finished job for just yourself, so you have to decide at the outset, whether your project is just a one off, or with production in mind. If you aren't in the composite business, it can be very difficult using the products (and even dangerous !)

If you want to have a go (and you have a fair amount of time), I would start by reading up as much as you can on using composites and mold making (Google) and go from there. Please feel free to pm me anytime for guidance on specifics


PS. A good freind of mine is nagging us to do something with the X Challenge, so I spent a bit of time looking at the posibility of a smallish fairing that also incorporated a 3 litre gas tank in it as well. That would be different !!
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