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Amblin' about North America - half a year with a 2-wheeled home

For the second half of 2007, I called my motorcycle “home,” as I rode over 30,000 miles across 40 States & 5 Provinces.

The real-time RR was posted on my blog. But the ADV inmates who’ve taken time to post inspiring reports have compelled me to do the same for all my fellow riding fools. Many of us also enjoy reading about adventures while our bikes sits cold, waiting the next time when the two-wheels roll.

Before I introduce myself, I want to ask the GSA, KTM & KLR guys to take a look and not write me off quite yet, simply because I chose a 21 year-old Wing as my Adventure Sled. “Yes,” it can be an “Adventure” if you ride a road bike. Over 2,000 miles of gravel and virtually no superslab make this adventure the real-deal. (IMHO of course.) Not to mention, six months on the road changes the vibe of the adventure. One thing I took away from the trip is that I’ll never be able to recreate it. Two to six weeks just can’t compare with the life-changing experiences that seem to happen when one truly becomes a wanderer for so long. People began to react to me differently, and I to them. Realistically, though I’ll take big trips for many years to come, a multi-month trip is probably out of the question.

I’m so lucky to have been able to do it once. Hope you enjoy reading about it.

Introduction: Well, I turned 33 on my trip. I’ve been dreaming of riding to Alaska since I was 15. At 15, I bought a Yamaha RD 400. At 19, a Honda Hawk. After totaling it, I didn’t ride for a couple of years, but then bought an ’85 V-Max at 26. I put over 20k each on both the Hawk and the Max and took 2-week trips on both. I sold the Max at 30, after it had sat for a couple of years. I bought an 1100 V-Star on e-bay, and put over 5k on it during the summer of ’06 that I spent in Minnesota. I loved riding the back roads of MN and WI.

You crazy mo-fo’s inspired me to ride ADV style and I tried to ride that thing like a GSA. Here’s a link to the RR, if you care to see a cruiser buried to the frame.

On a whim, I bought the Wing on e-bay over Thanksgiving ‘06 and after a bit of maintenance, rode 3,000 miles in 5 days to Key West and back, just because. Then, I pulled the trigger and committed to taking a trip beginning in six months (May 2007.)

I’d gone back to school for two years and would finish at the end of April. Rather than get a job to start paying off the staggering student loans, I chose the FYFF route and loaded up the bike and headed out. Figured I’d ride until I either broke the bike or broke my savings account. Fortunately, the bike held up unbelievably, given the way I flogged it like a rented mule. My cheap a$$ learned quickly how to squeeze a nickel until the buffalo barked and I stayed rolling down the road for a long time, much longer than anticpated.

The beginning of the report won’t be as cool as the last four months, but I’m going to start from the beginning, so if you get bored, just skip ahead.

I’d read a few ride reports on ADV before heading out. Here’s a genuine “thank-you sir” to Kaneman. I’d made it through about 150 pages before I left and really liked hearing about his saga.

Since I got back, I’ve loved reading about CaveBiker, Rogue1, DKADV, Flanga and others.

Funklab is often in my thoughts. My soon-to-arrive Clayton RIP shirt will always make me think fondly of the ADV community and the genuine warm-heartedness that people exhibit, often towards people they’ve never met.

Thanks to all those who’ve inspired me with their adventures and ride reports. This is one hell of a cyber-place.



Ride to live...and vice versa.

Amblin' about North America - half a year with a 2-wheeled home - Click for the Ride Report

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