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The road to the lake was clearly posted no trespassing, but the girl that told me about it knew the people that owned the land and assured me I would be ok. No one messed with me all night, as far as I know.

The view when I awoke was spectacular!

The panorama from my tent.

What a way to wake up at 7:00.

I walked down a hill to a beach that had amazing rocks which were smooth from the Lake's waves and multi-colored from some geological affect that I'm not familiar with.

A bit of whittling and subsequent discovery of driftwood yielded this sculpture.

I should leave the artwork to Mother Nature. Here is a fine example of her work.

When wet, the rock showed more brilliant colors than when dry. It was pretty cool.

With the cobwebs now cleared, time to hit the road... but first, a few miles of gravel.

I thought to myself: “This pattern of waking up to gravel riding cannot be healthy for a twenty-one year old Gold Wing. “ Oh how attitudes change!!! Stay tuned for the 70mph ass-haulin’ over The Top of the World Highway into Chicken. Stay way tuned though, it’ll be awhile. A couple of months’ worth of posts.

I headed into Sodus Point to take some pictures.

Here are a few. Perhaps you'll find them even more interesting without an explanation.

I left Sodus Point and headed North East along the coast. I would explore the Adirondacks and go to Saranac Lake and Lake Placid.

The ride along the lake was beautiful. I was surprised by how many modest homes lined the shore. Sure, there were huge lakefront compounds, but there were also many homes with amazing views that looked as if the homeowners could work at one of the nearby plants or farms. Very cool. After riding the gulf coast over Christmas, and the Carolina Beaches earlier in this trip, seeing something in between the beachfront mansions in beach towns and the beachfront shanty's in the impoverished South was really nice.

No sooner than I made it to the mountains than it began raining. The fog was so bad, that even during dry periods, visibility was terrible.

My cell phone had died and wouldn't charge. I decided to make Burlington before sundown to get to a Verizon store. Surely in Burlington there is downtown camping.

My stupid Magellan GPS sent me to a neighborhood rather than to a store (I should have listened to all you Garmin fans who warned me against the Magellan. You were right and I was wrong… saving a few pennies was NOT worth it.)

Working in their front yard, I saw a Dad and his teenage son and asked them for directions. They gave me none. Instead, (after hearing my story) the Dad told his son to get in the car and let me follow him to the store. It took nearly 20 minutes. What a nice guy! I wish I could send them a note.

I got a new phone as the sun set. My headlight had quit working so parking before dusk was paramount. I rode three miles past the University of Vermont and camped in a State Park on Lake Champlain and then walked downtown to eat dinner and drink beer like a civilized person. The craft beer was cold and delicious and the people friendly. I do like Vermont… a lot.

The beer really hit the spot. All eight of them. Pints of microbrew were much appreciated after the cans of Bud I've been drinking on the trip so far. Plus, I logged just over 500 miles today, and worked on the bike and dealt with Verizon and thier horse-shite customer service. Actually, the first couple of beers hit the spot. The last few served a different purpose. Mission accomplished. The walk back to camp could have been 10 blocks or 10 miles, either way, I didn't care.

In the morning, I broke camp and rode downtown to the Chew-Chew festival. It's a food festival on the waterfront; a food festival with a funny name. I met Gino and Sophia, he is from Boston and she’s from Montreal. They married two years ago and have been on the road traveling the country selling custom jewelry at festivals. They were among the nicest people I'd met. They'd just returned from Mt. Airy NC (aka "Mayberry" from The Andy Griffith Show.) Between his Boston accent and her French one, the three of us provided eavesdroppers with a cacophony of regional sounds. Mt. Airy is part of my “local loop.” On sunny days, I take off from Winston-Salem NC and ride a couple hundred miles on little country roads and usually end up in Mt. Airy for bar-b-que and hushpuppies.

The view from the downtown waterfront is fantastic.

After a great six-course meal from the Chew-Chew vendors, I left to roam the Great North Woods of Vermont.
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