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I currently own a '92 PD that I ride/rode off road quite a bit.
I weigh 200 lbs and have done the following mods:
-Rear Ohlins from PPS Racing in SoCal dialed for rider weigh and riding style
-Front Suspension: Race Tech cartridge emulator with stock springs: MUCH better than progressives alone. Increased fork oil weight to 10 or 15. Huge difference off road and under severe/hard braking.
-Front brake: Harrison 6-pot with MAP 300mm rotor, Stainless line and Galfer Green pads. Stops unlike any other airhead I've ridden. Any good 4 pot brake would be better than stock.
-Rear Brake: Wudo inverted actuator lever...keeps it away from the rocks
-Lowered custom footpegs
-Transmission:Wudo taller 5th gear with output shaft cir-clip
-Piaa 40 drvin lights-Use sparingly
-LED Tailight bulb- Always cary a spare on a airhead or get an LED.
-Bars/Ergo:Touratech 25mm bar risers
-Pair fo extra wheels with MAP rotor and Pirelli MT-21 Knobby tires for off-road

What I'd like to do from this point/wish list

-Omega 400 Watt charging system: They've been out for some time now and have proven their reliability over the stock system
-Ricky Bars and risers
-Touratech Road book/map holder with additional Rally tach, speedo and odometers.
-Chromoly Subframe- take a few more lbs off.

That's my $.02 so now you've got what $.04?
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