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Originally Posted by VStromTom
Please, post your source if you find the info. My source that the strings don't wick is having taken off several tires with the strings in place and not noticing ANY contamination in/on the string, or inside the tire or on the rim. But, I intend to use the strings and run the tires as long as I can, regardless, based upon my past experience with having done so. Supported by most of the other posts on this thread.
Your source has taken off several tires with strings???

Have you ever seen a tire that has blown out? Ever seen a white chalky substance in the belt package? That's what we call cancer. It's the deterioration of the steel in the tire. This is the strength of the tire. Your string plug is letting water/oil/grime/etc. in the belt package. It may not be leaking air. There is a difference in sealing the leak, and sealing the injury.

Take a look at these
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