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StopnGo works

I am gonna have to disagree with folks here that say that stopngo plugs don't work. I ride the r1200r with Conti Road Attacks (Steel belted, for the folks that say it cuts the plugs in half). In a matter of three weeks, I got THREE screws in my back tire and ONE screw in the front, towards the side wall! Then, a bit later I got a FOURTH screw in my back tire. All repaired with stopngo mushroom plugs. All FIRMLY pulled on with pliers to seat them well. I then proceeded to ride more than 1000 miles on these FIVE plugs with no major air loss: I would loose maybe 5 psi every couple of weeks on the back tire, but I was riding as hard as I ever did purposely testing these repairs. Pot holes, ridged steel plates, you name it. I readily took the bike over 100mph on the LIE with no problems, thru sub-zero temperatures and warmer days. No problems. I just switched out my tires last week because I got a slash in the back that I couldn't fix and the front tire already had 11,000 miles on it, so I switched out both.

-StopnGo does work. There might be the occasional failure out there in the wide world, barring the operator fucking up the installation, but my guess is that it is rare.
-DO NOT go on the side lanes near contruction zones in NYC, no matter how late you are running for your meeting; it's like they purposely lay down shapnel to shred tires!

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