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Originally Posted by CodyY
I never said that they don't work. Or even that I've never used them. All I'm saying; is that string plugs are designed to be a temporary repair and should be used as such in the interest of your own safety.

You wear a $600 'stitch, a $600 helmet, a high-vis vest, heated gear, $500 boots, sleep in a $300 tent on a $125 pad, with $1200 worth of custom luggage, all riding on $300 worth of tires. Totally dependant and trusted to a .25 cent peice of rope with some red shit on it.
As opposed to a $1 patch woth $0.10 and installed with $25 worth of labor?

If it works it works, and that arguement about how much you spend on other stuff is just silly.

I pay what I pay for my bike, I would pay $5 each for string plugs, or $10, if I that is what they would cost. What does that have to do with what I paid for my bike, jacket or helmet?

By your logic I should pay $30 a gallon for gas because paying more must mean it is better, right?


PS I run unleded regular gas, always!

PPS I change my own tires too, and never saw any indication of delamination on a plugged tire.
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