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A while back I got a small hole in a Tourance rear tire, followed a week later by another. I plugged both with the el-cheapo "Monkey Wrench" strings and rode for a month or so on them. A few hundred miles maybe. Both held up fine and didn't leak down at all.
When I changed the tire (did it myself), I looked at the repairs from the inside. Both were still in place pretty well. One of them would not pull out from the inside no matter how hard I pulled. The other came out fairly easily when pulled from the inside.

I would still consider them a "temporary" fix. If I intended to but a few thousand more miles on the tire or ride all day at highway speeds, I might consider taking it off the rim and patching it from the inside. Better yet, I'd probably put on a new tire unless it was like almost brand new and I wasn't "rollin' in dough"...

I'd like to know more about the "improved" version with the raw rubber strings, but the site isn't working.

I do worry about the strength of the steel cords after I have mangled them enough to get the string in. Seems a shame to take a little tiny nail hole that is just barely leaking at all and ream it out into a much larger hole that requires cutting a bunch of the steel belts. Not much of a worry at low speeds, but at higher speeds, I'm kinda counting on the steel belts to hold the tire together...

Someone should come up with a glue or something that could be injected into a small hole that would "melt" the rubber back together and seal the puncture without having to rip the belts apart to put in a big ol' plug or string.

Someone invent that. Just remember I thought of it first...

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