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Yes to sea-foam.... We/I use it all the time... I keep a little bottle with me , and will give the Valk a sip on road trips...
Funny my Beast likes high altitudes.. So does my mates I/S... And I'm talking Pikes-Peak, Monarch Pass, Wolf creek pass, Mt. Evans...
Both Valks ran great !!!

Sometimes a dirty air filter will make a Valk not like altitudes....
That might have been the problem at first... But now that you desmogged it..
We run K&N Air filters...

Also stabil for the long storage in a full gas tank helps too.... It will help keep gas fresher...

Ah yes ... When you turn your Valk on does it return the favor ???

Tell your bride~ it's not just a guy thing ....

I use my bike for all kinds of things.. As I said once before it's a primary vehicle..

They fly and breath fire !!! Hence Dragons !!!!
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