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My .02

I'm a 7 year Oilhead owner with lots of miles. Just picked up a 93 PD with 68K which is only my 2nd airhead. Here's my .02:

The first things I did to my bike were:
- New tires (Avon Gripsters)
- New battery (mine had the original battery from 11/92 in there!)
- New driveshaft (#2 achilles heal)
- Upgrade electrics to Omeagea 400W kit.
- Replaced my starter with a new Valeo. I know, Bosch is preffered but I got a new Valeo for $160.

There, now my bike is rid of all of the things that NORMALLY leave airhead owners on the side of the road.

- While doing the other upgrades I also have my splines lubed, checked the clutch for wear (almost brand new), replaced the trannie and rear drive input seals, the neutral switch (slight leak) and the rear drive paralever bearings (shot).

My bike's engine is quieter than any oilhead I've ridden or owned. I'm happy with the power and the breaking.

As for upgrading the brakes, I was planning on this but will not. Why? I only ride solo with this bike. It's only got a 90/90 21" out front. I think more brakes would just reveal that the tire is the next limiting factor.

The PO of my bike replaced the shock with a Hagon unit from the UK. It's ok, but I would have done Ohlins or Fox (if they make one). The PO also replaced the rings, steering head bearings, etc.. so the bike is solid.

I plan on riding it about 10K per year until the wheels fall off.

This winter I will have the carbs completely rebuilt ($300 parts and labor for the full monty), and maybe look into freshening the rear drive or trannie.

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