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Originally Posted by tom_vervaeke
I'm a 7 year Oilhead owner with lots of miles. Just picked up a 93 PD with 68K which is only my 2nd airhead. Here's my .02:

- Replaced my starter with a new Valeo. I know, Bosch is preffered but I got a new Valeo for $160.
Good point, forgot this earlier but the starter was the 3rd ' big thing' to go on my bike, at ~42K last summer. I replaced it with a rebuilt Bosch, now wish it would've waited another 6 months to die so I could get one of those modified Toyota starters Rick at Motorad Elektrik has started selling. I had two Toyota trucks and put a combined 250,000 miles on 'em and the starters never gave me any trouble; they're substantially lighter and use alot less juice than the Bosch - at times it feels like my battery (an otherwise strong 3-yr old Westco sealed) is straining to kick this Bosch over, something it never did with the original Valeo - it may just be the battery is gettin' old, but the Bosch IS rated to draw alot more amps than either Valeos or Toyotas. Also if you're ever thinking of doing a global tour or something, it seems Toyota light trucks are popular just about everywhere in the world except maybe Russia and China; I'm betting it'd be easy to find parts or replacement cores.

Rubbercow, I got front-brake envy! The best of all worlds, larger rotor AND Harrison 6-pot. Not that I'd ever want to, but under the right conditions I bet you can do stoppies! Been thinking about that cartridge emulator for awhile too, might've been you here telling me about that last year - I looked a bit further into it and then forgot about it, may be time to reopen that search...
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