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Originally Posted by spqr
I have combined both my own morbid sense of humor, and the concern of family members. On the back and side of my helmet is written: "If found w/o rider please call [My cell phone] If found on rider please call [A Different number]." THis has served two purposes, my ICE is on the one item I am not seperated, and when a girl askes who the the other number is I can tell her it is my mom. It works wonders.

Dog tags are a problem outside the US as I do not want to be ID'd as a US Storm Trooper. Depending on my travels I may leave them at home.

The problem is that the information has to be Durable and Available (Thus the phone numbers are on two places on my helmet).

I will probaly record critical medical information in the same format found on Shot Records and Passports, on a metal tag that is stored on or in my boot.
Nice first post.

What do you use to write on your helmet with that doesn't fade or wash off in bad weather?
Ninja Skillz... I haz dem.

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