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Originally Posted by Lobby
A really dumb question:

How do you delete waypoints off Bobcat? I've uploaded waypoints from both the 276 and the 2730 and I've got duplicates. I'm having problems deleting them.


When I did a download to the 276, Bobcat also transferred the tracks? Why would it do that? And how can I choose to download only the 1) waypoints, 2) maps, etc...

The short answer is to use the delete key If you delete the waypoint or track or route in your MyCollection folder then they will disappear from that folder AND all the other folders you may have. But, it doesn't work the other way -- if you delete an item from a folder other than your MyCollection folder it only disappears from that folder.

As for downloads if you make a new folder in Bobcat and drag only those items you want to download into that folder and you then select that folder and tell Bobcat to transfer it will download only those items in the selected folder.

Bobcat doesn't do maps yet. Maps are downloaded to your GPS device using Garmin's MapInstall program.
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