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Originally Posted by bart800
I bought it to ride, not practice my polishing skills, I love that line from one of our members. I ride mine year round. Missed 6 days this winter due to black ice. My driveway looks like the hills in San Francisco. Backing it out of the garage, i slid and down we went on our side now the tupper ware is scratched. Other than that never crashed or dropped. It is great and dependable. Starts and runs like an electric motor. It is very quiet when compared to most bikes, which is nice on a long ride. You change oil and add gas. Runs on regular and real world give 45 to 50 mpg. Comfortable, great weather protection especially in heavy rain. I have the stock screen and it works well for me. I am the second owner, it is an '89 and was what I could afford at the time. I'd rather be riding than not. Turns out I really like the bike,especially the trunk.

Pet peeve: The stator is not strong enough to support heated grips and extra lighting. I checked with Honda and they advised strongly against trying to adapt a higher rated unit from a ST.

Wish it had a little more braking power and stronger accelleration, but overall it is hard to beat. When I ride the Sea to Sky highway with my buds, they always have me in their mirrors. They have GS's, Ducati 999, Various Honda's and me with my 800. Looks like a scooter on steroids,but can run hard. When your tires are good it works well, if rear is 60% worn, the backend becomes lively in the rain and eventually in the dry as well. I switched to ME880's and found them much better than the Dunlops. Especially the front design does not follow the road groves like the Dunlop.

I recently purchased an ST1100 which will replace the 800 so that I can have warm hands, I am thinking that I will miss the 800 a ton for its practicality and benign attitude. Gas and go. Mine will be for sale later this year probably in June.
Pretty much what he said.... I bought mine off eBay, a 97 with 5K miles.
I rode it for 3 years with just tires, oil and fluid changes which I did myself.
I sold it for more than I paid for it and only because I had the urge for a cruiser.
I never had any stator problems as I didn't install any electrical accessories,
so I can't comment on that.
I also recommend ME880 tires due to their tread pattern and high mileage
characteristics. There is a group on the Yahoo Groups devoted to PC800's
where you can get a ton of information, as well, technical help if needed.

Try: ,
also there is a for sale webpage devoted to PC's at:
if you want to see what's for sale and current pricing.

My old one, below, and go for it, they're great bikes!

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