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Originally Posted by bart800
So you used both heated grips and an electric vest. Did you have any stator problems or was it just normal wear and tear that caused replacement. The Honda service people were really against adding these farkles.
I bought the PC with about 70K miles on it, and the stator was gone shortly afterwards. They're widely known to not last much longer than 50K to 70K miles so I figured it was age and use.

I based my comments on using both a vest and heated grips on the new stator/battery combination and the fact that Datel readings are good with both of those running. However, I wouldn't want to add any more high-wattage stuff in addition to those. I'm figuring you probably have about 125 watts spare while cruising at speed. Turn off high beams will give you a little more spare. It's pretty easy to monitor and figure, put in a digital voltmeter and just make sure it stays above about 12.8v, if it doesn't, turn something off.

Even on my '98 ST1100 abs, if I turned on my high beams, my 110 watt Piaa's, my electric vest, my grip heaters, and my J&M radio at the same time, I'd get into a low voltage situation in a big hurry, like within 3 or 4 miles.

With the PC, you could probably get away with some 55 watt driving lights if you didn't run them at the same time as your electrics.

YMMV, but you don't need to have cold hands on a PC800.
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