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Originally Posted by bavarian_markus
Hello Jim,
today I make my first two prototypes. But they are welded with filler material only for trying Thats because the welding boarder isnīt fine.
Now I have to make a few corrections of my tool. Next week i build a fixing tool for the welding machine and than I can make fusing welding with the corrected form.

you can look on the pictures in our german forum but donīt disturbe at the
not fine welding boarder - will become much better
Great work Markus. Your prototype looks great. I am enjoying the pictures. I'm sure we all are.

In the picture link below, it looks like the HP2 air box is also a vacuum form and fused assembly.

I'm looking forward to seeing the holding fixture and welding machine. Thanks for including us in the process

(I can't resist asking. What material is the tool?)

- Jim

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