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Now, gentlemen, as the completion of the product is coming near, I have some logistics to clarify.

Ideally I would send a couple of tanks in one parcel to two or three of you guys in the US who in turn would take care of the shipment to individual ADVriders in the US. I thought of East, Middle and West US. As I am not making a buck in the whole action, I would like to keep the costs as low as possible for me.

First step would be a quick rollcall who definitely wants one. And - if I understood this correctly - the tank would be available with filler under the seat and on the right side. So please state what you want.
Second stept would be to find two or three guys who would be willing to receive more than one tank and take care of the further distribution in the US.
Third step would be that Markus gives us a price for the finished product.
Four is that I give you the price for the shipping.
And five is that you send me the money, Euros please, not that soft greenback. (And keep in mind that it could be that the exchange rate rises to 2 bucks for 1 Euro until the money arrives in my bank account! For heavens sake, stop burning your money in Irak!)
Once I have the money I will ship the tanks.

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