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September 10th

Zero Miles

I pick up the bike all smiles from the dealer (and may I say they gave me a great price on the GS ADV).

It is amazing how fast a BMW Tech will work when you hand him $100 bill before he touches your bike and ask him to "do it fast and do it right"

Pics are shot and I'm just about ready to burst looking at the Beast...

Later that evening I pick up my date and we take off for a nice ride... I have a few problems...

And the crap begins... apparently the Jesse Panniers were installed incorrectly (techs should really read the directions) and the BMW Charcoal Cannister was not reinstalled with the proper mount.

Now lowered with the weight of my passenger, it has taken a massive set of chunks out of the right side rear tire and is whacking into the shaft and spokes at 50 mph having been blown from its mount by the tire... I manage to rig it up and finish off the date. I'll drop by BMW tomorrow to have it taken care of.

OK ok... no biggie... I guess a C-note doesnt go as far as it used to.

Before I head to the dealer the next morning I decide to check the Garmin Power Data cable as well... I plug it in and it doesnt power the unit... still on battery... ok, glad I checked... off to the dealer...

By the time I get to the shop smoke is coming out of my Garmin GPS III (and it smells really bad)... I pull up and open the back panel ... WTF! all the batteries have exploded!

I have a very bad feeling about this and right there in front of the service dept. I pull the seat and side panels, unbolt the tank and hoist it up... yeah, you guessed it... the tech wired the POWER AND DATA! Cables to the battery! Fried the system...

A hunnert ain't worth sh** anymore...

(Alright... if you don't know how the GPS story turned out... go back and read the rest of the thread... )

September 13th

Okay... tomorrow is the big day.

I am scheduled to leave the security of home and hearth for the longest time of my life; indefinitely. Hell, the only thing that is definite at this point is the launch date itself.

I have checked and rechecked the lists and I have said all the goodbyes. I have feelings I have never had. I can hardly think straight. I keep second guessing. I can't do this... I am not ready... I have too many responsibilities...

ARRRGGGRRH! (Yes that was intended as a reference)

I need advice! I need guidance! I need answers! I need to appeal to a higher power!


"Oh great and powerful magic 8-Ball, am I crazy" Should I leave tomorrow?"

"Best not answer now," is the ominous reply.


I will not be satisfied with ambiguity.


(Shake furiously)


The oracle has spoken. I launch tomorrow.

September 14th

"My procrastination knows no bounds."

Knowing that I would be embarking in the morning I convince myself it is only right proper that I spend the night before destroying as many brain cells as I can track down, step on or force to commit suicide. Everyone in NY wants to buy me a drink... who am I to refuse???

Simply put I sleep until 2 in the afternoon and wake up feeling like the Tin Man from Oz. The next few hours are spent loading the bike and making some final arrangements.

Even now, this close, it is still so difficult to actually make myself GET ON THE ROAD!

I swore I would leave NYC on September 14th; the only question is how close I am going to cut it. I manage to find reasons to stop at every hang and every friends house for another goodbye.

They tell me it's too late and I should postpone till tomorrow to get some sleep. I am solid in my resolve to exit NYC today and tired or not I am going to.

At 11:36pm, unable to fabricate any more excuses and running out of time, I cross the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey with fourteen minutes left of the day. It is done.

I am finally OTR.

More to follow...


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