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Originally Posted by Bimjo
Hey Brian, welcome to the forum.

Something for the wishlist- Provide the ability to input the unit into Bobcat/Mapsource so that the routing options match.

It is beyond aggravating to spend a lot of time planning a route only to have the unit destroy it because the only options are "fastest" and "shortest" while the software has many more options.

I'm using a 60Cx BTW.

Thanks for listening!
Me too!

Originally Posted by DR. Rock
Brian, which are the "newer" and which are the "older" units? I guess what I'm asking is for a feature to force Bobcat to emulate routing as an "older" handheld would route... (I know, I know... the better solution is to buy a newer unit )

That way you could test your route, virtually "prerunning" it in Bobcat, instead of transferring it to your handheld, and letting it route in Demo mode, or even worse, getting out on your ride and finding out that instead of the twisty dirt road Bobcat routed you down, your handheld decided to take you through the suburban shopping mall parking lot via the interstate.
Sumpin tells me this ain't gonna happen.
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