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You didn't miss much

Originally Posted by Rogue 1
I reach Sioux Falls and turn west onto I90 at around 10pm. Making miles. So far so good, rain stopped but I have discovered that my waterproof pants are only water resistant. What the heck, I didn’t really believe they’d be waterproof for 50 bucks. This has been a helluva day. Bump! I know what it is before my rear tire goes over it… Skunk! Whoooof, that’s strong stuff… already dead but still fresh, (it wasn’t me) I grin as I think that’s one more item for today’s journal entry.

But wait! There’s more! I almost don’t reach the rest area to make the next payment on the hot dogs (ouch again). Fog is rolling in and getting thicker as I travel west… it’s pretty cool at first but getting worse. Finally I can’t see a damn thing my speed is down to 20mph. Flashers on for fear of being rear ended, I am passed by a pick up and I latch onto his taillights (just ahead of me, that’s all I can see). As we fly through the night and mist I wonder what kind of scenery I’m missing.

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Hey Rouge1,
I'm re-reading the thread again, this time paying more attention to the narrative. I did a coast-to-coast in Y2K on my '83 R100 airhead. I did a west-to-eas southern route from SF to Raliegh, NC, where I left the bike for the summer at my cousin's house. On Oct.1 I headed back along the northern route.

Raliegh to Ashville, through the Smokies to Mammoth Cave, KY. After Mammoth Cave I did an all day, 900+ mile ride from there to Kansas City. I had some work done at the same BMW shop and bought a heated vest and winter gloves there.

I also did KC north to Sioux City, then west on I-90. Let me assure you, you didn't miss jack. In fact, I'm envious you did it at night, as there's nothing really to see between Sioux City and the Badlands along I-90. Walled Drugs is nothing but a tourist trap on your way to Rapid City. Good place for a quick meal, then back in the saddle.

I actually stopped riding after dark after the leg on I-90. Every 20 miles or so I'd see some serious roadkill remains and didn't want to risk an accident. The locals in Walled agreed that roadkills got worse in autumn before winter set in.

When you go out again, I'd recommend Mammoth Cave on your way west. After Kansas City, I'd suggest going north to Omaha, then west out State Route 275, which merges into State Route 20 and proceeds northwest to Pine Ridge and Wounded Knee at the southern end of the Badlands. From there you can ride up to the Langhorn Saloon in beautiful Scenic, SD.
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