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Originally Posted by NoVector
Hey Velo,

I'll reply here since I'm sure there are others out there with the same (or similar) question. Hell, I was one of them!

I think it boils down to how do you want to use the bike. That's what it came down to for me. What I was looking for was a fun, small(ish) (both size and weight....I want to put it on my Jack-Rack on the back of my Yukon and haul it around if needed), low maintenance (sorry, I know folks are tired of hearing that, but with little kids at home, I barely have time to ride, I don't want to spend that time wrenching), capable bike that I could take mainly off-road (so that's why I didn't get the X, but after playing with this thing on-road, there are SuMo wheels in my future ), but was street legal out of the box so there would be no worries regarding plates here in Kommiefornia.

With that combo of "wants", my choices were really the DRZ (had one, loved it, just too heavy...more on that in a minute), the WRR, and the KLX-S. I had the KTM and loved it, but 500 mile oil changes with 2 screens to clean and worries about the tranny going "boom" from riding it on-road (KTM put the fear into us saying the gears weren't meant for the street, even with a cush drive, blah blah blah, and I didn't want to risk it ) kept me away from another one. Plus, the EXC250 isn't available in the US, and I was looking for a 250 (more on that in a minute also). That left the Husky TE250. What a nice looking bike! Problem is, they're hard as hell to find, and given what I paid for the WRR, nearly $2k more expensive (yes, I got the deal of the decade....). Of course, there's always the maintenance question again, but I've never owned a Husky, so I can't speak to recommended oil service, etc., but I've heard it's more in line with dirt bike schedules (500-1000 mile recommended oil change, valve check, etc.) versus road bike schedules (3k oil, 20k valve, etc.).

OK, on to the controversial topic of weight. Here we go. I'll put my flame-retardant suit on right after I hit "submit"... So, I've come to have new respect for what I thought was complete BS: dynamic weight. We all know what static weight is. It's how much the damn thing weighs on a scale. Going by that, my DRZ was actually lighter than the WRR (mine was the E model, so 10lbs lighter than the WRR), and my KTM was more than 20lbs lighter. Both felt heavier than the WRR when riding. Others can probably explain this much better than I can, but apparently all that rotating mass of the bigger bikes makes them "feel" heavier, even if they are in fact lighter. Even folks in the industry (Dirt Bike, Dirt Rider, etc.) talk about bigger displacement bikes feeling heavier. Well, I thought it was crap until now. All I know is the WRR feels like the lightest of my 3 recent "dirt" bikes (WRR, KTM, DRZ) when riding it, and I don't notice much of a difference lifting it onto my stand or pushing it around the garage. OK, let the war begin!

Finally, I have to say that I'm just impressed as heck with what the WRR comes with. 46mm KYB forks with compression/rebound adjust, and comp/reb adjust on the Soqi shock. Nice stuff for a dual-sport bike. My impression so far is you could take the WRR on a MX track and not blow through the suspension on every little bump/jump. Sure, you'll probably bang it off the stops over 80ft gaps, but that's not it's mission. Then there's the FI. It's pretty dang good! It was a little snatchy at first at really low throttle openings, but as the bike loosens up, it's smoothing out nicely. Fit and finish of components seem very good. And last but not least, even with my 200+lbs (with gear) on it's back, it hauls the mail! The only way you could convince me it's a 250cc 4-stroke is by the lack of low-end punch compared to the DRZ400, or to an even greater extent, the KTM520. But then, how could it match those bikes in torque? It's only 250cc! If you want more torque, go to a bigger motor (and pay the "dynamic weight" price). Me, I'm happy on the WRR, and if I want a bit more low end, I'll go up 2 teeth on the rear and call it a day. I don't need to go 95mph on the freeway on this bike anyway.

If I could have only one? Well, I do only have one now, and it's the WRR.

I hope this helps.


Very nice, thank you!

I'm going to look at another used DRZ tonight. Of course it's used, and 3500 less OTD than the WRR. But still, the 250 has my interest. The fuel infection is nice. I ride locally at 5000 ft, to 12,000 ft in the same day.
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