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NV, if your oil is that dark at 53 miles you might want to stick to a 25 mile oil change schedule!!!

Seriously, with all due respect,,,

WTF did you do to it??? I've done 3k street miles on a 520 RFS and the oil came out lookin more like oil than that, if the pic is giving a real quality color. Looks like alot of clutch abuse would be needed to get it that dark/burnt that quickly, I guess you allude to that with the needed adjustment. Given the tiny filter I'd be more worried about this engine than a RFS with 2 paper & 2 screens.

My bro's 250 RFS needs a clutch pounding in A+ enduro terrain & pace, I'm guessing this bike is needing the same to really get going?

That KTM EXC250RFS is wind limited at about 73-74 MPH, and it is a pooch, even when the jetting is spot on. It is hard to believe these are pushing 90 MPH when my +50 HP SMR 450 Husky is just getting to 100 MPH??? That 30 HP must be some special stuff???
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