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I saw what was advertised as Dick Mann's last pro race at the old Houston Astrodome sometime in the early-mid 70s. I was about 9 or 10 yrs old, and I was so sick with the flu I could hardly watch, but my parents later told me I would not allow them to leave me in the hotel room even though I was puking, which I don't remember. All I remember about the whole trip was the racing. In those days you could leave a kid in a hotel room alone.

Anyway, I remember that Mann was supposedly way past his prime, but he got a strong third place in the first heat race after coming from behind and passing several guys in the last few laps. Then I seem to remember in the last heat, he got a good start and actually led for awhile, before fading to 3rd or 4th. My memories might be off, I was a little kid, but I do remember people giving Mann a standing ovation after the race. He was definately still competitive at the time.
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