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Originally Posted by circusinthesky
Ah, good for you. Those are lovely helmets. How's the build and general quality? Both myself, and another guy at work have been checking them out a bit lately, but I hate to buy sight unseen. I am trying to peer pressure him into it though.


Cue Twilight Zone theme!

An hour ago I picked it up and inspected it and thought.
'I must write something about this hat.'
How well it's lasted is worth noting. No bull!

It must be almost 5 years old now and the interior is in remarkably good order. It's all leather and silk and old school. No steeenkin' vents or nuffink.

But apart from 5 years of standard scuffage on the exterior - still got plenty of good service left.

They have one with a M*A*S*H graphic that is so coool now.

On style points - I also 'blagged' a new Triumph Retro Jacket.

I've been using Triumph clothing as long as I've had my Tbird and found it very serviceable - given it good write ups and happy to do so - like the bikes it gets better every year. This is really nice quality and Way cool stuff. The web site now works pretty well at displaying it.

Some of it will go real nice wit' Scrambler.
Pic Off the web site.

The No9 story is on the inside liner.
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