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Thanks folks. To answer one question I'm running a Dunlop 908RR on the rear and Pirelli MT-21 front. Seems to be a good combo. Obviously more biased to the dirt, but does just fine on the pavement, well, for knobbies that is.

Now for a few more pics.........

After a good nights sleep and enjoying the free gormet breakfast of coffee, cereal, and something resembling a stale bagel, I figured I would pick up a couple more of those wracheting tie downs to have a spare, and secure the other gobi before I crash again and break the latch on that one too. Then time to saddle up and press onward.

Welcome to Trona, CA home of Searles Valley Minerals Inc. This town sits on the edge of Searles lake bed and exists solely for the purpose of housing some employees of the mineral company. I believe the plant is the largest producer of soda ash.

The guy that took this pic of me was a funny mug. Sorry but I forgot to take a pic of him. Anyway he was and old weathered looking guy in his 70's wearing a dirty as hell "Dust to Glory" T-shirt that looked like it hadnt been washed after the last Baja 1000. He took one look at the bike and said "sonny, what the hell are you going to do with that monstrosity?"

When I told him where I came from and where I planned to go he looked at the bike again and and shook his head in disapproval, then quipped, "damn son, youre gonna get real tired of picking up that fat bastard. I quickly corrected him. "Its a bitch sir, she's a fat bitch." Turns out he was mostly right about the picking up part. He then told me I should go visit the old Manson cabin out past Ballarat then added, "Hell son, there still diggin up bodies out there, you ought to check it out. At least it will get you away from the stink of this place." Unfortunately I couldnt find the place. Hell, I couldnt even find Ballarat because the damn Zumo quit working and the only map I had was in my head.

The first thing you notice is the stench of the place. The second thing you notice is the town has one of those "not quite right" vibes and has an eerie and somewhat surreal feel to it. Its hard to describe, but in summary its not a nice place to visit, and I wouldnt want to live there. However if you are ever in the area, I do recommend you stop, and take a look around, it gets you thinking.

Many of the dilapitated houses look vacant although there are definately plenty of folks living here, probably out of necessity. It seems as if this liitle town has seen many cycles of boom and bust, right now, looks like mostly bust. The town appears as if its dying a slow death. It seems like a bit of a sad existence. If you could go back in time and visit a "factory town" during the industrial revolution I bet it wouldnt be all that different.
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