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Leaving Amboy I headed into TNP or Twentynine Palms for some gas and grub before heading into Joshua Tree for the night. Found this great little joint, Corona, 3 bucks with two free carne asada tacos included. Cant beat that with a stick. One of the fellas standing there drinking beer is Brian, a dyed in the wool desert dirt biker and Hilltopper. We got to shooting the breeze and he said "hey, my house is right up the hill, why dont you stop in on your way to the park and have a beer?" Sounds like a plan.

A couple of other folks came in to wash down a little trail dust also. I think these guys are definately more tempermental than my steed, and they probably poop alot more too.I wonder if you can get a DUI on a horse.

I rode up to Brian's place, checked out some of his bikes and let him and his son take a spin on the loaded down 990.

They both came back with permagrins. I expected nothing less. The family graciously invited me to stay for dinner. Besides, Brian said if I go in the park later, I wont have to pay. Now being the cheap bastard that I am, I was all about that idea.

People's friendliness and hospitality never cease to amaze me. The only thing we had in common was bullshitting about bikes, and next thing you know I'm having a dinner in their home. They invited me to stay the night at their place, but I had to decline, I wanted one last night of camping under the stars. Thanks Brian, you guys rock.

I head up to the park on twisties that put a mile wide permagrin on my mug , blew right past the entrance gate, no one there to take my entrance fee, oh darn........ I made my way to a deserted Jumbo Rocks campground right at dark and settled in for the night.

I really wanted to get about 6 hours worth of polar star trails, but alas, the clouds started moving in after only 20 minutes. No matter, the camera was a bit out of focus anyway, too many beers I suppose. I'll get some good ones next trip to share with you FF's.

Woke up early, broke camp and headed down the road to wander around the park and click off some pics.

I used to do alot of rock climbing in Josh during my younger years. Not sure why I dont do it anymore. I probably just burned out ofter so many days of suffering on multi day big walls and big mountain routes here at home and in the Himalayas. Seems I've had way more injuries on dirt bikes than I ever had climbing though.

If your liver is fried, this must be the place to wash it. Gotta love our National Parks, man they think of everything. However, my liver was in pretty good shape and not in need of a wash on this trip. I only wish they had a facility to clean out my fried liver in Baja though, I could have used it many times down there.

Leaving the park. Wait a minute, they forgot to collect my entrance fee and my camping fee. WTF?
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