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I crossed the I-10 freeway near Chiriaco Summit, right into Box Canyon Rd, ummm, more fun twisties.

After a short stint on 86 past Mecca, I head into Ocotillo Wells OHV park, oh yeah baby. I found my way down to Tule Wash, and that turned out to be a bad idea, deep soft pillowy sand, miles of it. Once I had enough of picking up the bike I needed to find a way out of there to something a little more managable. No GPS, no map, but I do have a phone, and it works.

I make a quick call to my buddy and he tells me if I head east in the wash a little further, I will get to pole line road. Ah, now this is more like it. There are just some small whoops and a little bit of soft sand all the way to Hwy 78.

I hit 78 and start climbing the Banner Grade up into the mountains, more really fun twisties. A couple of them got my attention. Its getting windy here, the clouds over the top of the mountains is not a good sign. Either its raining, or socked in all the way to the coast.

A quick bite to eat in Julian, then more fun twisties heading down the hill.

Finally, home sweet home, Solana Beach, CA. A little cold and blustery, but its good to be home.

5 days, around 1300 miles, lots of great scenery, awesome riding, and a few mini epics. I'm ready for a nap.

The big girl did me right and performed flawlessly. The fuel leak is the fault of the aqualine tanks, not KTM. No flats even after some fork bottoming hits on big rocks that I was sure pinched the tube. 20 to 25 psi, ultra HD tubes. They work wonders on my dirt bikes at 18 psi, and it looks like they are good for my big fat girl as well. I really cant say enough good things about this scooter, I'm falling in love with the big girl. Yeah, she's a little buzzy on the freeway at 80 mph, but then again, the freeway is not the reason I bought this bike. Her gams will probably need a trip to Superplush to get them toned up and dialed in, but I never owned an offroad bike that didnt need suspension work, they all do. The big fat girl gets two thumbs up. She's not a big fat ass bitch anymore, well, uh, yeah she still is, but she's MY big fat ass bitch.

Through some training, and some mentoring of some of the great LC8 riders on this site, I hope to improve my skills to the point I will take it 90% of the places that would take my 450 EXC. Never thought I would need instruction on mounting and taking a fat girl for a ride, but sure nough, its needed for this girl.

Thanks for taking the time to come along on my little trip. I've taken so much from this site and all of you knowledgable FF's. It is much appreciated. This is my first ride report and a very humble attempt to give a little something back to the ADV community. I hope its the first of many reports.

Hopefully my next report will be a little more interesting and have some more comprehensive pics of some of those not so proud moments. A good report requires quite a bit of thought and effort ,and I hope to improve for my next one.

Thanks a million folks.
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