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Thumb Tyre pressure lore

Originally Posted by DirtMerchant
So how much pressure are you finding that works well with the Conti T/A's and how is the bike set up?

I just mounted a set on my R12GS, I'm about 225 lbs in gear and normally ride with Michatec bags without much in them.

I'm thinking about going 36psi front/rear 42psi
I'm 98kg w/o gear. that's 216lb in imperial so I'm a touch heavier, but nothing to write home about.

I run with bar- on the front I find that running at 2.2 (32psi) - 2.3 (33 psi) is good, but up to 2.5 (36psi) works better laden, and on long highway trips.

Rear I run 2.5 (36) on the dirt, 2.7 (39) normal road and 2.9 (42) laden for a road trip.

I run the same on TKC's and other tyres and am happy with that. if I'm going on a real dirt blast with TKC's I could drop them to 2.0 and 2.2, but I rarely bother. I'm not that fast!
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