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Originally Posted by Nick Makwell
Thanks Stephen - ive got the front on picture of that bike, but not the rest!

I would like to go similar route that bloke has done, with cast wheels instead of spoked, and with the monolever rear end.

I think converting to a monoshock entails a K100 type monolever (and similar shock) with a new frame tab and reinforcement (if necessary) welded on to the rear.

I think going to the K1100 front end is overkill - im looking to use Jap bike stuff, maybe from an SV650 or similar, or maybe just one disk.

Another Question - does the K final drive bolt straight onto ANY monolever swingarm?

thanks again Stephen
Hi lads,

greetings from Germany! I talked to the guy who accomplished this marvellous BMW-Ducati conversion, and he told me that the K final drive DOES NOT bolt onto the monolever swingarm. So this involves a lot of intricate work: you have to weld a flange onto the mono swingarm, adapt the driveshaft (length and so on), which requires expert knowledge.
But there seems to be another way of making a three-spoke K-wheel fit on a mono final drive. The wheel and a brake disc canboth be fitted with the four bolts just like the mono wheel, what you need is an adapter for a brake caliper plus all the rest of the disk brake equipment.

best wishes

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