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Thanks for the replies so far.

Update - bike is bought, and will be shipped to me by the end of the week.

I have already done some research, but will be spending a lot more time as I get into this more - I have my eye already on a pre-74 (1971 /5) tranny - apparently after '74 the kickstart lever wasnt that well built.

I'm used to low compression kickstart bikes, and this project will be a Sunday morning/Friday night poser bike (I admit that!) so, I don't think I'll be too concerned about the kick!

I thought that the best way was a post 85 R-airhead monolever swingarm and final drive, mated to a 3 spoke K bike should only require a bracket/space etc for the disk brake - so thanks for confirming that Anton - and YES I have been reading your site too!

Hmm...changing the clutch/flywheel etc may be a drama - but I may have to replace the original clutch anyway on the donor bike, so maybe not?

Thankyou Alfons for the info as well - the BMW-Ducati conversion is brilliant. I have a picture somewhere of a guy with similar swingarm and front end, but with no fairing. Ill post it later.

Just bought a spare R65 triple tree - so I'll start researching what front end I can put on the bike (the original will be sold, its a single disk with a pitted fork).

anyone know the fork diameter on the R65?
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