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A reseller of the BiCiMapas Mexico map series just sent me an email with a small sample map attached, that I assume he converted using Bobcat. I opened it and loaded it to Bobcat on my Macintosh with no problem. I haven't tried to upload it to the Garmin GPS yet, hate to override my already installed City Navigator and US Topo maps. However, to complete the test, I suppose that I will have to do it.

The BiCi Mapas folks do not offer a DVD version of their maps. They offer a download to your computer for $95 or will sell you the map on an SD card for $120. I don't know how the BiCi Mapas folks download to your computer, I assume as an attachment to an email? So, if you bought the SD card, ran it through a card reader into a PC, converted it using Map Converter and tried to install it in a Macintosh, you are saying that this process would NOT work? Are the SD cards for GPS's that can only use maps that are pre-loaded on memory cards?

If the sample map the reseller sent me is now resident in my Bobcat program, do you think that it is certain that it will upload in to the Garmin device?
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