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OK, number one problem with the G650X bikes is fuel capacity. While I admire MaxCools inginuity with the side tank, to me 7 liters still isn't quite enough for those who want to go do long distance travel, which I really feel this bike would be great for if it could carry the fuel. So let's say hypothetically an X Country owner was talking with a couple of plastics manufacturers about producing an auxiliary tank similar to the touratech tank for the X Challenge. The TT holds 4.2 gallons, but $950! Gimme a break! I'm shooting for 2.5 to 3.5 gallon capacity (9.46 to 13.25 litre). Although not as big as the TT, that's still a huge improvement giving a total of 5 to 6 gallon (18.93 to 22.71 litre) fuel load. That should get you to at least a 250 mile range. I'm not getting ambitious with the capacity in hopes that keeping it simple will keep the cost down. I'm also thinking that a simple black color will be cost effective, and look OK, especially after you slap a new set of factory stickers on it. Obviously it would be more marketable if we could make it fit all the G bikes, and bring the price down, but it might not be doable. So what does the X Country owners community think? First off, what would it be worth to you? Obviously these would be relativley low production, which drives the cost up, but I think it could be done cheaper than the TT if there was enough interest in the market.
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