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I'm just trying Bobcat for the very first time. Last night, I installed, and attempted to load the maps I converted.

When I use MapManager, it loads the maps fine (apparently).

But, when I fire up Bobcat, and go to Edit Unlock Codes, it shows the unlock code for the map I just loaded via MapManager, and "map product not installed".

If someone could tell me either:

a) a way to fix this, or
b) what files MapManager's moving/creating, and their location so I can just do it manually

I'd appreciate it.


(P.S. - Yes, I correctly and successfully converted the unlocked maps from my PC using MapConverter. They were moved to my mac by burning them on a DVD, and there is no file corruption. I have the uncompressed .gmapi directories on my Mac, containing the .gmap and .ucx files for each map.

I noticed the presence of a Maps subfolder in the Garmin subdirectory of ~Library/Application\ Support, containing an UnlockCodes.ucx file. Is MapManager supposed to just put a copy of each into that Maps subfolder? because it's not.)

EDIT: I manually copied the .gmap and .ucx file from one of the converted map packages into ~Library/Application\ Support/Garmin/Maps, and started Bobcat. Bobcat now recognizes that map, and allows me to select it from the pulldown.

Seems there's a bug in MapManager.

EDIT #2: I manually edited the UnlockCodes.ucx file, adding a 2nd unlock code by cutting and pasting the appropriate section of XML, and copied over the second map, and it is recognized as well.

Also, MapManager seems rather fond of throwing SIGABRTs. If you'd like more detailed error reporting on it (since MapManager doesn't seem to have the error reporting capability that Bobcat does), I'd be happy to provide it. I can reliably reproduce them.

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